Congratulations to our National Winners from the State of Utah

2017 National TSA Conference

Orlando, Florida

High School

Digital Video Production
4th  – Andrea Barboza and Chandler Reddington – Jordan Academy of Technology & Careers

Fashion Design & Technology
8th – Chloe Olsen, Jessica Wyllie, Nana Boateng and Zayhetzi – Intech Collegiate High School

7th – Cordelia Proffitt and Trever Swartz – Jordan Academy of Technology & Careers

STEM Careers
8th – Preston Richey- Skyline High School

System Control Technology
4th –  Benjamin Whatcott, Joshua Brown and Timothy Brown – Skyridge High School

Technology Bowl, Oral
9th – Devin Bunnell, Scott Milner and Mathew Minson – Pleasant Grove High School

VEX Robotics
8th – Daniel Bell, John Thomson, Oliver Parkinson and Preston Irvin – Jordan Academy of Technology & Careers

Middle School

Career Prep
10th – Remington Omdahl – Oak Canyon Junior High School

Forensic Technology
6th – Maya Wagner and Spencer Curtis – Evergreen Junior High School

System Control Technology
1st – Austin Beckstead, Carter Bezzant and Dalyn Curtis – Oak Canyon Junior High School


Congratulations to the Utah TSA State Winners

2017 Utah TSA State Conference

Davis Applied Technology College

March 14-15, 2017


Middle School

Biotechnology Design (MS)

1st: Jaquelyn Guernsey, John Peterson, and Victoria Skillings– Oak Canyon Junior High School

CAD Foundations (MS)

1st: Richard Hopkins- Oak Canyon Junior High School

Career Prep (MS)

1st: Remington Omdahl- Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd Lauren Jones – Centennial Middle School
3rd: Bethany Bowen – Dixon Middle School

Catapult Design (MS)

1st: Kaleb Ahlfors, Logan Corless, Grant Peterson, and Jessica Redmond – Dixon Middle School
2nd: Evelyn Biggs, Callan Franklin, Hannah Johnson, and Grace Wingate – Centennial Middle School
3rd: Jason Langridge and Stephanie Sibrian – DaVinci Academy

Challenging Technology Issues (MS)

1st: Austin Beckstead and Dalyn Curtis – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Nathan Mansfield and John Peterson – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Grant Peterson and Cody Puertes – Dixon Middle School

Chapter Team (MS)

1st: Makayla Battisti, Tristan Boddy, Emma Conklin-Kuhns, Rebkah-Louise Gardiner, Gabriel Jacobson, and Lucynda Lewis – DaVinci Academy
2nd: Sarah Bartholomew, Daisy Bennett, Katelyn Gates, Aubrie Miller, Jessica Redmond, and Audri Wilsey – Dixon Middle School

Childrens Stories (MS)

1st: Kyle Hicken, Nathan Hicken, and Remington Omdahl – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Jared Gibbons and Nancy “Skye” Sorensen – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Alex Bruner and Valerie Lott – Box Elder Middle School

Community Service Video (MS)

1st: Sarah Bartholomew, Daisy Bennett, Bethany Bowen, Katelyn Gates, Aubrie Miller, and Jessica Redmond– Dixon Middle School

Construction Challenge (MS)

1st: Kaleb Ahlfors, Sarah Bartholomew, Logan Corless, Katelyn Gates, Henry Harrison, and Jessica Redmond – Dixon Middle School
2nd: Mark Christiansen and Kyle Hicken – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Avaa Hosseini and Camden Opfar- Evergreen Junior High School

Digital Photography (MS)

1st: Laura Earl – Pleasant Grove Junior High School
2nd: Carter Rose – Box Elder Middle School
3rd: Cassie Rust – Oak Canyon Junior High School

Dragster (MS)

1st: Mark Christiansen – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Daxton Hales – Central Davis Junior High School
3rd: Henry Harrison – Dixon Middle School

Electrical Applications (MS)

1st: Nathan Ford – Frontier Middle School
2nd: Daniel Elliott – Wasatch Junior High School
3rd: Matthew Clift – Oak Canyon Junior High School

Environmental Engineering (MS)

1st: Sarah Bartholomew, Katelyn Gates, Laira Holt, Brieanna Lee, Jessica Redmond, and Audri Wilsey – Dixon Middle School

Essays on Technology (MS)

1st: Dylan Topham – Lehi Junior High School
2nd: Makayla Milord – Dixon Middle School
3rd: Aubrie Miller – Dixon Middle School

Flight (MS)

1st: Austin Smith – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Jonathan Jensen– Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Emerson Taylor – Lehi Junior High School

Forensic Technology (MS)

1st: Camden Opfar and Maya Wagner – Evergreen Junior High School
2nd: Jacob Bird and Lauren Jones – Centennial Middle School
3rd: Emma Montgomery and Koane Thompson – Box Elder Middle School

Inventions and Innovations (MS)

1st: Mark Christiansen, Spencer Colby, Cameron Fletcher, and Nathan Hicken – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Bridger Bass, Elizabeth Christensen, and Brianne Griffiths – Centennial Junior High School

Junior Solar Sprint (MS)

1st: Jenisy Barker, Sophia Dochod, Isabella Fowers, and James Mason – DaVinci Academy
2nd: Jayden Checketts and Matthew Kidd – Frontier Middle School
3rd: Brady Duke, Samuel Duncan, and Nathan Lee – Centennial Junior High School

Leadership Strategies (MS)

1st: Daisy Bennett, Aubrie Miller, and Makayla Milord – Daisy Bennett, Aubrie Miller, and Makayla Milord – Dixon Middle School
2nd: Spencer Curtis, Matthew Jordan, and Maya Wagner – Evergreen Junior High School
3rd: Carter Bezzant, Remington Omdahl, and Victoria Skillings – Oak Canyon Junior High School

Mass Production (MS)

1st: Preston Hall and Josoph Needham – Centennial Junior High School

Medical Technology (MS)

1st: Deevxa Baral, Dikshya Kuikel, and Trisha Timsina – Wasatch Junior High School

Prepared Speech (MS)

1st: Dylan Topham – Lehi Junior High School
2nd: Maya Wagner – Evergreen Junior High School
3rd: Katelyn Gates – Dixon Middle School

Problem Solving (MS)

1st: Parley Allred and Dylan Topham – Lehi Junior High School
2nd: Austin Beckstead and Spencer Colby – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Matthew Faires and Hunter Woffinden – Pleasant Grove Junior High School

Promotional Marketing (MS)

1st: Nathan Mansfield – Oak Canyon Junior High School

STEM Animation (MS)

1st: Emma Sims – Centennial Middle School

Structural Engineering (MS)

1st: Nicolis Gillies and Jacob Glanville – DaVinci Academy
2nd: Joshua Dennis and Jason Li – Centennial Junior High School
3rd: Jacob Bird and Krishn Patel – Centennial Middle School

System Control Technology (MS)

1st: Austin Beckstead, Carter Bezzant, and Dalyn Curtis – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Cameron Fletcher, Jaxon Larsen, and Austin Smith – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Spencer Curtis, Matthew Jordan, and Camden Opfar – Evergreen Junior High School

Tech Bowl (MS)

1st: Ethan Gomm, Emma Montgomery, and Koane Thompson – Box Elder Middle School
2nd: Daniel Curtis, Mitchell Hutchinson, and Joey Thorpe – Evergreen Junior High School
3rd: Addison Floyd, Treyson Grange, and Matthew Larsen – Pleasant Grove Junior High School

Technical Design (MS)

1st: Austin Beckstead and Dalyn Curtis – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Henry Harrison and Laira Holt – Dixon Middle School

VEX IQ Robotics (MS)

1st: Thomas Gillespie, Travis Hatch, and Nybo Nathan – Central Davis Junior High School
2nd: Tristan Boddy, Evann Davis, Sean Wellman, and Riley Wright – DaVinci Academy
3rd: Hilarion Baraketse, Kenai Dain, Reese Huang, Aaron Record, and Jorgen Twede – Centennial Middle School

Video Game Design (MS)

1st: Cameron Fletcher and Nathan Hicken – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Jonathan Jensen and Logan Smith – Oak Canyon Junior High School
3rd: Max Harden and Jackson Howick – Evergreen Junior High School

Website Design (MS)

1st: Jared Gibbons, Jaquelyn Guernsey, Jacob Hintze, John Peterson, Victoria Skillings, and Nancy “skye” Sorensen – Oak Canyon Junior High School
2nd: Tyler Bulloch, Modoc Earley, and Andres Rich – Centennial Middle School
3rd: Isaac Byrnes, Alyssa Glass, Ellianna Mitchell, Emma Montgomery, and Koane Thompson – Box Elder Middle School


High School

3D Animation (HS)

1st: Scott Milner, Mathew Minson, and Kolby Vernon – Pleasant Grove High School
2nd: Annette Ford and Dallin Pina – JATC
3rd: Kailie Polster and Mable Wood – JATC

Animatronics (HS)

1st: Jaxon Desmarais and Skyler Hall – JATC
2nd: Christopher Andersen, Chase Phillips, Hailey Smith, Polly Tullis, Tanner Whiting, and Daniel Woodall – Mountain View High School

Architectural Design (HS)

1st: Cameron Atwood, Katelyn Baker, Makenzie Baker, Payton Green, Jacob Harper, and Madison Young – Uintah High School
2nd: Josiah Fisher, Hunter Hulet, David Mangiaracina, Aniel Martinez, Taya Nitzkowski, and Dallen Peterson – Canyon View High School
3rd: Raul Allen, Savanna Johnston, Chase Phillips, Jaden Sigua, and Tanner Whiting –Mountain View High School

Biotechnology Design (HS)

1st: Nicholas Cantrell and Elizabeth Ericksen- JATC
2nd: Samantha Fitton, Landon Stubbs, and Abigail West – JATC
3rd: Rachel Hill and Braylin Wandtke – JATC

Chapter Team (HS)

1st: Lauryn Call, Hallie Gee, Riley Jensen, Kaitlyn Rasmussen, John Reid, and Jane Wight – Provo High School
2nd: Blake Calkins, Danielle Krebs, William Pankey, Laura Shelton, Ruth Anne Shelton, and Trinity Silimon – Copper Hills High School
3rd: Hunter Hulet, Michael Julander, Demar Miller, Carsen Potter, George Pulica, and Danni Quastad – Canyon View High School

Children’s Stories (HS)

1st: Lexi Echols and Ami Iverson – Intech Collegiate High School
2nd: Bethany Bee, Aliyah Hagen, and Logan Johnson – JATC
3rd: Lauryn Call, Brianna Gates, Hallie Gee, Jayson Herring, and Kaitlyn Rasmussen – Provo High School

Coding (HS)

1st: Carter Bogdan, Adriane Dudley, and Jacob Macinnes – Intech Collegiate High School
2nd: Kaden Klein and Aidan Taylor – Pine View High School
3rd: Stephen Brough– Clearfield High School

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 2D, Architecture (HS)

1st: David Mangiaracina – Canyon View High School
2nd: Uel John – Uintah High School

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 3D, Engineering (HS)

1st: Adam Simpson – Layton High School
2nd: Makita Erni – Northridge High School
3rd: Elizabeth Wagstaff – NUAMES

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (HS)

1st: Teryn Sigua and Cory Van Langen – Mountain View High School

Debating Technological Issues (HS)

1st: Alyssa Appleman and Victoria Olsen – Copper Hills High School
2nd: Cassandra Ivie and Hala Louviere – Copper Hills High School
3rd: Alexei Garcia and Mohith Reppale – Skyline High School

Digital Video Production (HS)

1st: Andrea Barboza, Joel Borcik, Mackaylee Cudworth, Kellie Jensen, and Chandler Reddington – JATC
2nd: Jordan Boren, Tyler Boren, Noble Glines, Jacob Hamblin, and Joseph Hart – Lone Peak High School
3rd: Sera Ashman, Jaxon Desmarais, Calvin Jackson, and Dax Jeffs – JATC

Dragster Design (HS)

1st: Parker Rollins – JATC
2nd: Dawson Wangsgard – JATC
3rd: Chandler Dansie – JATC

Engineering Design (HS)

1st: Matt Bernhardt, Jack Schulz, and Andrew Snyder – Park City High School
2nd: Logan Olson, Phillip Sin, and Braxton Wiggins – Pleasant Grove High School
3rd: Alex Johnson, Nathan Newman, George Pulica, and Zack Stopper – Canyon View High School

Essays on Technology (HS)

1st: Cassandra Ivie – Copper Hills High School
2nd: Hala Louviere – Copper Hills High School
3rd: Eleanor Nucatelli – Skyridge High School

Extemporaneous Speech (HS)

1st: Alyssa Appleman – Copper Hills High School
2nd: Taggart Inouye – Mountain View High School
3rd: Hunter Way – Park City High School

Fashion Design and Technology (HS)

1st: Nana Boateng, Zayhetzi Nunez, Chloe Olsen, and Jessica Wyllie – Intech Collegiate High School
2nd: Adriane Dudley, Lexi Echols, Zoe Howes, and Sydney Swan – Intech Collegiate High School
3rd: Amelia Kimber, Clara Kimber, Abby Mcbride, and Mary Mcbride – Intech Collegiate High School

Flight Endurance (HS)

1st: Jack Danos – Park City High School
2nd: Antonio Castaneda – JATC
3rd: Ethan Hess – JATC

Future Technology Teacher (HS)

1st: Jessica Gray – Layton High School
2nd: Cassandra Ivie – Copper Hills High School
3rd: Aniel Martinez – Canyon View High School

Music Production (HS)

1st: Micah Brown and Cache Olson – Lone Peak High School
2nd: Kathryn Maynard, Alex Montoya, and Krystal Snider – Intech Collegiate High School
3rd: Austin Dutson, Clark Hubler, Jaden Sigua, and Polly Tullis – Mountain View High School

On Demand Video (HS)

1st: Bennett Barbosa, Alexander Brickey, Greg Folynowicz, and Serena Haas – Park City High School
2nd: Ethan Allen, Dj Gray, and Daniel Greenfield – Skyridge High School
3rd: Jordan Boren, Tyler Boren, Noble Glines, Jacob Hamblin, and Joseph Hart – Lone Peak High School

Photographic Technology (HS)

1st: Tanner West – Lone Peak High School
2nd: Caden Jackson – Bingham High School
3rd: Zayhetzi Nunez – Intech Collegiate High School

Prepared Presentation (HS)

1st: Giovanna Nuccitelli – Skyridge High School
2nd: Dylan Topham – Lone Peak High School
3rd: Sahana Kargi – Beehive Science And Technology Academy

Promotional Design (HS)

1st: Kaylee Walker – Utah County Academy of Sciences
2nd: Brandon Lorton – Mountain High School
3rd: Braden Madsen – Canyon View High School

SciViz (HS)

1st: Adam Anderson, Taylor Marshall, Cordelia Proffitt, Joshua Quick, Marccel Sorenson, and Trever Swartz – JATC
2nd: Scott Milner – Pleasant Grove High School

Software Development (HS)

1st: Weston Fausett, Nathaniel Mckenzie, Tessa Thornton, Nelson Tran, and Connie Zhou – Granite Technical Institute
2nd: Duston Harrison, Max Kipust, and Daniel Woodal – Mountain View High School

STEM Careers (HS)

1st: Preston Richey – Skyline High

Structural Design and Engineering (HS)

1st: Chase Johnson and Wyatt Wayman – Bingham High School
2nd: Ethan Hagen and Jaedon White – JATC
3rd: Normand Powell and Noah Throckmorton – Bingham High School

System Control Technology (HS)

1st: Joshua Brown, Timothy Brown, and Benjamin Whatcott – Skyridge High School
2nd: Scott Milner, Mathew Minson, and Kolby Vernon – Pleasant Grove High School
3rd: Caleb Brock, Hunter Henrichsen, and Kyle Seager – Bingham High School

Technology Bowl (HS)

1st: Brandon Carroll, Nathan Carroll, and Ari Lacanienta – Layton High School
2nd: Nicholas Lee, Kathy Martinez, and Michael Wolford – NUAMES
3rd: Timothy Brown, Mark Foster, and Giovanna Nuccitelli – Skyridge High School

Technology Problem Solving (HS)

1st: Aidan Johnson and Brayden Mckee – Uintah High School
2nd: Teryn Sigua and Cory Van Langen – Mountain View High School
3rd: Ashdon Fackrell and Jonny Thatcher – Lone Peak High School

Transportation Modeling (HS)

1st: Easton Heaton – JATC
2nd: Matthew Mattucci – JATC
3rd: Mccoy Stevenson – JATC

VEX Robotics (HS)

1st: Jacob Bills, Ben Huenemann, Michael Keyser, Olivia Lam, Jacob Macinnes, and Thayne Williams – Intech Collegiate High School
2nd: Canada Johansen, Nicholas Saunders, and Caleb Stephens – Davis High School
3rd: Ryan Froisland, Benjamin Shunn, and Tynan Sigg – Davis High School

Video Game Design (HS)

1st: Preston Cannon, Jacob Day, Brayden Jones, Adam Manousakis, Dylan Walker, and Kimberly Young – JATC
2nd: Alexei Garcia, Sai-Yang Lee, Winston Stucki, Jonathan Tran, and Jerry Zhou – Skyline High School
3rd: Karisa Holmberg and Micheal Skillings – Timpanogos High School

Webmaster (HS)

1st: Kevin Bacon, Preston Harris, Madison Pidcock, Melissa Robles, and Matt Thompson – JATC
2nd: Kyle Christensen, Taylor Dee, Eric Evans, Riley Hansen, and Vivian Tang – JATC
3rd: Parker Dean, Austin Martin, and Javin Ogao – Bingham High School